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Empowering people by design.

As a UX strategist and social researcher, I design and assess the relationships between people and information systems. I am passionate about innovating solutions that are equitable, sustainable and empowering.

People Walking
Case Studies


Smiling black woman with AI emotion-analysis box over face

Emotion-tracking AI in Job Interviews and Self-assessments

Exploring the impacts of facial emotion-tracking during interviews, visualizations of the AI analysis, and what participants have to say about it (Graduate Work)

Project Management, UX Research, UX Strategy, UX Design, Team Coordination, Human-AI Interaction, Ethics in AI

The University of Texas at Austin, 2023

Results of SUS questionnaire

MediLinker App Usability

Improving a personal health records management tool designed by Dell Medical (Graduate work)

Presentation Design, Heuristic Evaluation, Competitive Research, Usability Test Planning, Usability Testing, Data Analysis

Dell Medical, The University of Texas at Austin, 2021

screens from Duke Farms app

Duke Farms Mobile App

Improving visitor navigation and increasing educational engagement at a research-based nature preserve in NJ

UX Leadership, Informational App Design, Interactive Map Design, Cafe Mobile Ordering, Project Coordination

Duke Farms, Samadhi Games, 2018-2019

World map interconnected by technology

ESG Risk Manager Platform

Cultivating transparent & ethical supply chains while preserving data privacy and confidentiality via blockchain

UX Leadership, Multi-Party Ecosystem Design, Data-dense UI Design, Rapid Prototyping

EY Advanced Technology Tax Lab, 2021-2022

page from demo report

TaxGrid Platform MVP & Demo Report

Enabling trust between investors, industry & government for streamlined dividend events and tax relief at source (Partial NDA)

UX Leadership, Communication Design, Multi-party Platform Design, Data-Dense UI, Information Privacy & Governance

EY Advanced Technology Tax Lab, 2019-2021


       Responsible design benefits the world. I believe we can effect change through ethical innovation, good data, and informed UX strategy.

Connecting the Dots

Spearheading Initiatives

Big Picture to Small Details

Strategizing Process

Multiple Hats

Team Coordination

Quick Pivots

UX Advocacy & Education

Uncovering Resources



Information Science

Subject Analysis

Classification Systems

Schema Design

Controlled Vocabularies

Database Informational Design

Data Collection & Analysis

Data Storytelling

Research Methods

Competitive Research

Observational Research

Survey Design

User Interviews

Usability Research

Remote Testing

IRB Human Subjects Research

Info Architecture & Design

Content Strategy & Copywriting

Usability Design

User Interface Design

Data Visualizations

Branding & Graphic Design

Accessible Design




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