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Empowering people by design, from day zero.



💜 Mission
I analyze the evolving relationships between people and information systems to create empowering experiences. My goal is to address socio-technical challenges through strategic stakeholder collaboration and education, research, ethical frameworks, and creative storytelling for informed decision-making. With 2 decades of diverse experience in the creative industry, I'm driven by interdisciplinary work that improves information-based experiences for underserved / vulnerable populations.

📚 Foundations

I earned a BFA in Communication Design with a minor in Anthropology from Texas State University in 2010. Currently, I am pursuing a Master's of Science in Information Studies at The University of Texas at Austin with dual specialization in human-computer interaction and responsible AI, providing me with a foundation for ethical user-centric design decisions based on research. I'm an avid life-long learner!


🌍 Passion

My future goals include applying to PhD programs related to digital humanities, starting a local meetup for Animal-Computer Interaction, visiting the "happiest countries in the world", and roadtripping with my #1 pup, Adele! Austin has been home for most of my life, with a life-changing 3.5 year adventure in New York City up to the pandemic. I cherish global travel, cultural immersion, and being in nature. I admire great storytelling through film (especially animation shorts), music, writing, art, and performance work. I'm passionate about ecological conservation, neurodiversity education, and personal growth.


🔍 Research

Competitive research, observational research, research plan, equitable participant quota, survey design, interview scripts, 1x1 remote interviews, critical incident technique, usability studies, task analysis, heuristic evaluation, cognitive walkthrough, card sorting/tree testing, RITE method, A/B testing, SUS questionnaire, IRB human subjects research, thematic analysis, inductive coding

🎨 Design

Data communication, visual storytelling, storyboards, user journey mapping, personas, content strategy, presentation design, UX/usability design, UI design, branding, illustration, art direction

📊 Information Science

Subject analysis, classification systems, schema design, controlled vocabularies, data collection and analysis, information architecture, data labeling, database design

👋 Personal Skills

Translation of ambiguity into organized strategy and tangible deliverables with business value, direct work with executive leadership, team coordination, cross-collaboration, workshop facilitation, communication, UX advocacy and education

🚀 Software

Figma/FigJam, Google Survey, Survey Monkey, Optimal Workshop, Miro, Jira, Notion, Asana, Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, ChatGPT, MacOS, WindowsOS, GenAI Tools / ChatGPT / MidJourney


"She was an extremely talented UX designer who not only was able to provide high quality design layouts but also understood what a good UX process delivered. She possesses a sharp eye for design. Her efforts brought clarity and elegance to the applications she worked on."

John Christiana, EY, Global User Experience Design Director

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