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UX Recommendations for FinTech Web App

Student Work, The University of Texas at Austin, 2023

Web applications require review and assessment by someone on the UX team, ideally a UX researcher with design knowledge. Mint is an established web app containing a dense user interface that communicates personal finances in an organized, intuitive way. I chose this web app for review to see if I could identify any usability issues, subtle as they may be, and to make recommendations in the same way I would normally do in a professional setting.

Keywords: UX Research ● Usability Assessment ● Cognitive Walkthrough ● FinTech


(This page is a temporary placeholder while the full case study is under construction.)


A few key points


Project overview

This evaluation and set of recommendations was completed individually. I conducted the review and designed the report over the course of three days. I used cognitive walkthrough and knowledge of usability heuristics to inspect the screens. Usability errors were ranked according to an error severity rating.



Stakeholders included myself and my professor. If this was a professional project, stakeholders would include the UX team, the development team, the product manager, Mint as a company, and users of the web app.


The team

UX researcher and designer (me)



This was a class assignment. There was a need to choose a web app that presented a challenge. It's important for personal fintech applications to be highly usable and understandable for a broad range of people so that they can feel empowered to manage their personal finances.


My role

As this was an individual project, my role was UX researcher and designer and I was free to review any web app of my choosing.


Skills used

Cognitive walkthrough

Usability heuristics

UI design

Presentation design

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