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Austin future climate

The University of Texas at Austin, UT City & Climate CoLab

The UT City & Climate CoLab, a collaboration between the City of Austin and the Texas Extreme Weather and Urban Sustainability (TExUS) Lab at The University of Texas at Austin, have a shared goal of mitigating local climate extremes. There is a lot of technical jargon in climate science and visuals that are difficult to understand, making local climate information inaccessible to many people. I worked with both parties to design a climate report that is more accessible to the general public and to City staff so that we can foster more engagement in local climate mitigation initiatives. Following the release of the report will be a data portal that enables visitors to dig deeper into the data. 

Local Climate ● Data Storytelling ● Accessibility ● UX in Climate Science


A few key points


Project overview

I coordinated with a small team to develop the content and translate concepts into supporting graphics. The majority of the work was done remotely with only occasional in-person meetings. The climate report is currently undergoing extensive review and should be released soon.



Stakeholders include the general public, City of Austin staff / decision-makers, and our team members.


The team

Dr. Dev Niyogi, TExUS Lab Director and UT Professor​

Dr. Manmeet Singh, Distinguished Fellow

Marc Coudert, City of Austin, Office of Resilience

Vanessa Sanchez, UX Designer and GRA



There is a need for the translation of technical content and concepts into information that is easily digestible and meaningful to people who are not climate science experts. Without this, it is difficult to get buy-in and community engagement in climate mitigation initiatives. Also, people in Austin are experiencing extreme weather events more frequently and would like to know what's going on. 


My role

As the UX designer, I took ownership of the project, driving progress through initial content review, extensive content edits, content research and fact-checking, image sourcing, design of supporting graphics and charts, design of the data portal concept, and coordination between team members. 


Skills used


Communication Design

User Experience Design

Content Strategy


UI Design



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