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ESG risk management platform

EY Tax Lab, 2021-2022

EY Tax Lab is an incubator for innovations in global tax and supply chain via private blockchain and artificial intelligence. Forced labor occurs around the world, especially in developing nations. Stakeholders wanted a way to identify risks hidden deep within supply chains. The blockchain team was approached to brainstorm a way of cultivating greater transparency in supply chains without compromising data privacy and confidentiality between parties. I worked with leadership to mock up a multi-party platform concept that applied the blockchain team's innovations in smart contracts and zero knowledge proofs. 

ESG ● Private Blockchain ● Supply Chains ● Multi-party Platform


A few key points


Project overview

I worked with leadership and the development team to conceptualize a multi-party ESG risk management platform based on private blockchain technology, smart contracts, and zero knowledge proofs. The ESG initiative in this use case was forced labor hidden deep within a supply chain. Overall, the project took about 6 months.



Stakeholders included the team leadership, EY Tax Lab, EY, people subjected to forced labor, customs agencies of various countries, various companies that are part of supply chains, departments of labor of various countries, and NGOs fighting against forced labor.


The team

1 Product Manager / Project Manager

1 Blockchain Architect, Director

1 Scrum Master / Dev Lead

4 Full-Stack Developers

1 UX Designer (Me)



Government customs agencies need a way to bring transparency to supply chains when inspecting imports. Companies need a way to identify risk sources within their supply chain. The challenge is that companies only have visibility one tier down into their supply chain with their direct suppliers with whom they have a contract. All sub-supplier information is strictly confidential. It's unlikely that guilty parties will volunteer to reveal themselves.


My role

As the UX designer, I supported product management with research, conceptual direction, visualizing the solution, and producing design deliverables for storytelling pitches and prototype development.


Skills used

Competitive Research

Domain Research

Information Architecture

Schema Design and Classification Structures

Usability Design

UI Design

Rapid Prototyping


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