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Usability report for EMR app

Student Work, The University of Texas at Austin, Dell Medical, 2021

Dell Medical created a prototype of Medilinker, a blockchain-based personal electronic medical records management app. The app required a usability evaluation to validate whether or not the wide range of intended users would find the app appealing and easy to use. I worked with a team of other students to strategize usability test sessions, analyze session data for key insights, and present our findings to the client. 

Mobile App ● Electronic Health Records ● Blockchain ● HealthTech ● Consumer Health App


A few key points


Project overview

Our team assessed a personal EMR consumer health app that used blockchain technology to ensure data security and privacy. We designed a screener survey, recruited 12 participants, and ran 12 remote 1x1 usability test sessions over Zoom. Our team collaborated remotely for the entire project. 



Stakeholders included the product owners from Dell Medical, the designers, the developers, future users, the course instructor, and our team.


The team

Laura Huerta

Laura Manzanarez

Anna Shulpina

Vanessa Sanchez



The product owners recognized that blockchain concepts and terminology were unfamiliar to most people, which could make buy-in difficult. It was critical that users could understand how blockchain technology protects their information. There was also a need to know how users interacted with the app in its current state and how they felt about it so the designers could make informed decisions before their next iteration.


My role

I contributed in equal part to the design of the study, recruitment, interview facilitation, notetaking, and analysis. As the person with the most design experience, I led the design of the final presentation. 


Skills used

Screener Survey Design

Usability Test Design


1x1 Interviews

SUS Evaluation

Presentation Design


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